My level-up writing moment came when an actor friend encouraged me to develop a poem I had written about drug addiction into a full-length 2-act play entitled Old Love. I knew nothing about the performing process so I pretty much handed the reigns over to my director. Old Love was performed at the Inner City Cultural Center in a play writing competition where it placed second. After that, I started immersing myself deeper into the art of writing and performance, and I have been hooked on the process ever since. Nowadays I produce, write and direct all of my own plays. I also have a stash of screenplays, poetry, monologues and a musical that I hope to bring to life.

A lot of my work stems from actual experiences that are woven into fictional stories. I have an insane imagination, but I also have a short attention span so I can’t spend weeks and months writing one story (which is why I have yet to finish my book). Most of my works are written in a week – some of my best work was written in a weekend.

The podcast scene is completely new to me, but I’m hoping to make a splash, starting with All4Charity. My goal with All4Charity, as is the case with all of my work, is to introduce you to unconventional characters and reality-based situations that can only be found in the wildest of dreams. I once worked for an independent record label (we even put out a CD – YES we did) and I love music. The end title song on All4Charity is entitled “Baby I Got You” and it is performed by Dria and produced by Frontrunnaz. If you’d like more info about how to purchase the song (artistry should be $upported), leave a note in my inbox. 

The ultimate goal of this site is to bring attention to my works (of course), but also to highlight the talents of others. I’ll be posting links to some great podcasts, teasers and independent shorts. 

Lastly, I’m blogging and I’m super excited about it – there’s entirely too much mess, madness and mayhem in the world for me not to throw in my thirty-five cents. I look forward to your comments and feedback.

The Betrayal

Jai, a world renowned fashion model and aspiring actress, is summoned to a house under the pretense that her...

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